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Here you can find informations about how we handle messages and a way to inform cases to our tech team.

Privacy Policy

You can find our Privacy Policy here

We send only Safe and Trusted messages

As Email Marketing provider we know that unsolicited messages provide much more negative impacts against positives, this is what lead us to provide safe and trusted e-mail messages only.

Know our best pratices sending Email Marketing:

  • Only companies can be customers
    • Brazilians companies are accepted as customers only
  • Subscriptions Forms are provided as WIDGETs to be integrated on site and applications
    • The subscribe process sends a confirmation e-mail of the request
  • Unsubscriptions links required inside campaigns
    • The unsubscribe process is easy and clean, we provide a way to unsubscribe from one or all maillings.
  • Campaigns content filtered
    • We implement a validation process into the content of messages
      • Opt-in/Opt-Out presence, every message MUST HAVE a link to UNSUBSCRIBE and other to view content in a browser
      • Broken Images
      • Broken Links
      • Prohibited/Malicious HTML TAGs/Attributes
  • Requirements to senders e-mail
    • The senders must confirm that the provided address exists and they have access to it
    • Senders domains need explicit DKIM and SPF authorization
      • SPF should be valid and needs to include the rules: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4:
      • DKIM should be valid and use public key for selector "unohost": unohost._domainkeys.domain.com.br
    • We offer our links behind senders domain CNAMEs
      • emailmarketing.domain.com.br is an alias to msgs.email
      • emailstatic.domain.com.br is an alias to cdn.msgs.email
  • DMARC is strongly recommended when companies send more than 10.000 messages por month.
  • Our system provide List-Unsubscribe implementation.
  • We know, there is no perfect world, in this case, if you still have problems, dont worry, we provide Message Headers that will assist you block/discart messages easy
    • Content-Language: pt-BR
      • As we are in Brazil our system is pt-BR only
    • X-Mailler-Company: XXX
      • Where XXX is the company subdomain prefix
  • IMPORTANT Do not block our IPs our entire domain, consider blocking only the above headers and the campany subdomain, if you do so other services may be affected.
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